Weisman Art Museum Minneapolis

The Weisman is on the campus of the University of Minnesota. The building itself is a beautiful work of art design by architect Frank Gehry.

The Weisman isn’t a small space, but it doesn’t really have a ton of art in it. We took our time and I don’t think we were there more than 30 minutes. That may be good or bad, depending on what exhibits they have at the time.
When we were there they had an exhibit of low-rider bikes made by Native American kids that was pretty slick. There was also an exhibit of photos of trains. Another exhibit featured travel posters. I thought this exhibit was pretty cool. It was really art deco-y.
I was totally into the Pedicord Apartments exhibit. This is a piece of an old residential hotel from Washington State. It’s a short hallway you can go down that slowly gets smaller. The result is a creepy claustrophobic feeling. And if you lean in and do a little eaves dropping you can hear whats going on in each of the apartments. Rad!
The Weisman is totally worth the admission price of zero dollars. If you’re in the neighborhood you should stop in. The Pedicord Apartments is worth your time. Not to say the other art isn’t.