Weekend At the Cabin

This September we packed up the kids and the dogs and headed north to a little cabin. On the lake. On its own private island. Sweet!

The cabin (Sams Island Cabin) is on Fish Trap Lake which is about 2 hours from Minneapolis, just south of Motley on Highway 10. We checked in at Campfire Bay Resort around 1pm and unloaded the car. Then we loaded up a pontoon with our weekend’s worth of provisions and were shuttled across to the island. The resort doesn’t allow dogs, but you can have them on the island. Off leash and wild like. On the island is the 2 bedroom cabin, a firepit, a hammock, an old boat house, a dock, a canoe and a small beach area.

The cabin is really nice. I’m not sure why, but I expected it to be dumpy. Dumpy it is not. The decor is “up north” but it is done well. There are 2 big bedrooms with 3 beds. The bathroom is really big and nice. The kitchen is equipped with everything you might need. The living room has a huge fireplace and flat screen TV. Plus these giant windows I would stare out of each morning watching the loons do their loon business, as loons are wont to do.

Campfire Bay Resort is just a short canoe trip away (weather permitting, more on that later) from the island. Over at the resort they have a bunch of stuff to do. The lodge has a gift shop and coffee shop with ice cream. They also have DVDs you can borrow and a big game room with video games and ping pong. The resort beach is the place to be though. They have all sorts of fun things to play on. They have a big trampoline out in the water that we jumped around on. Also there are a bunch of non-motorized water sports to use. You can ride kayaks, stand up paddleboards and these crazy bikes with paddles and floats. Those aren’t incredibly fast, but they are fun (and they’re from Minnesota).

Row, row, row your canoe
Row, row, row your canoe

Let me tell you the little story of how Troy and I got ice cream. Saturday morning Troy and I got in the canoe with the idea of messing around with the fishing poles. Well, pretty soon we had drifted out a ways so I decided we may as well take a lap around the island. When we got to the north side of the island the wind was really going and the waves were pretty big. We really had to dig in to get anywhere (mind you Troy is a 7 year old girl). The swells were big enough to threaten to tip us over if we weren’t headed straight at them. Well we tried and tried but just couldn’t make it. We drifted across the lake to the shore and then we tried again. After struggling for quite awhile we decided to take a break on land. So we had ice cream. And we asked Brian, Campfire Bay Resort owner, to give us a lift back to the island. Brian and his friend gave me and Troy a ride in his fishing boat with the canoe being towed behind it back to Sams Island Cabin. We got back to the island and Shellie was a bit peeved, thinking we were out messing around the whole time.

We loved our time at the cabin. It was very relaxing there. We did some fishing. Which I hardly ever do, on purpose mind you. Troy caught her first fish. We went to Motley and had lunch and went to a couple antique stores. The dogs had a blast outside off leash. We could be off our phones for a while (but they did have wifi, so we weren’t entirely off them).

31504 Azure Road
Cushing, Minnesota 56443