Hey there. Sorry for the complete lack of blog posts as of late. We were gearing up for a trip, and then we took said trip. We went to Costa Rica for a week. It was super rad.

But enough about that.

This blog is about Minnesota.

It’s Minnesota in late February and today was 18 degrees. Yuck. That’s better than the -11 the other morning (which is an over 100 degree change for me in just a couple days).

Anyway, I’m going to get back here and post some meaningful blogs posts soon. I swear. But for now, I don’t have much Minnesota stuff to talk about.

I haven’t eaten anywhere new lately. We haven’t been to a new town. We haven’t been to the Mall of America because Al-Shabaab said they were going to blow it up (not really, they are a bunch of punks). Come to think of it we should go to the Mall of America just because those idiots say we shouldn’t.

So, yeah. Cabin fever is setting in. Spring should be coming along anytime though, right? Right?