Minneapolis Institute of Arts

The other night we stopped into the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Shellie and I had a grand time exploring the works, even though we got there so late. On Thursday nights the museum is open until 9pm, and normally that would work out for us. But this night was special. This night the traffic sucked and we were both overly hungry.


Our plan was to go to Pho Tau Bay on Eat Street then head to the MIA since it’s open late on Thursdays. Well, it took me forever to get home from work. And while driving home I noticed that east bound 394 was backed up pretty bad. I’m sure you’ve already figured out that 394 was what we needed to take to get to the museum, didn’t you? Damn, you’re good.

So we scrapped the Pho Tau Bay idea and instead had pho at a place we’ve never heard of, but isn’t too far from home. Gion in New Hope. Never mind that for now, I’m sure I’ll get back there for a proper review later. So after eating we (read I) decided we should still go to the MIA.

Minneapolis Institute of Art at night
Minneapolis Institute of Art at night