Seven taprooms on the Green Line that you have to try

Last Saturday we did the unthinkable, the unimaginable, the just plain crazy. We took the bus.

But wait there’s more.

We took the bus from our place in the burbs to downtown Minneapolis and from there we hit each of the 7 brewery taprooms along the Green Line light rail.

And we lived to talk about it.

The bus part is neither here nor there and you shouldn’t worry about that. You just need to wrap your head around starting at Fulton Brewing on a beautiful spring day with the Twins playing at home. Fulton was pretty busy, but that didn’t stop us.


I got a Lonely Blonde and we went outside to enjoy our beers. Oh, I should mention it was Shellie and I and our friends Jeff and Colleen. So, we drank our beers and enjoyed the sun before heading up the hill to get on the train to our next stop.

Brewery number 2 was Day Block. You get off the train at the Downtown East Station and walk a few blocks to get to the taproom. Shellie and Colleen’s friend Andrea met us there and got us a table on the patio. We sat down and ordered a flight. Actually, 3 flights of beer, a pickle flight and a bacon flight (thanks Colleen!).

What the hell are pickle flights and bacon flights you may be thinking. Well, the pickle flight was 3 types of pickles. I’m not sure if they switch them up, but what we had was pickle pickles, pickled beets and curried pickled cauliflower. I liked the cauliflower the best.

The bacon flight is the same idea. I had originally thought they were going to be 3 differently smoked or cured bacons, but it turned out to be the same bacon with different toppings and sauces. Our’s were maple, jerk and a Thai peanut sauce. They were all really tasty, but peanut butter and bacon are an awesome combo.

Bacon flight!  Sorry the picture is so bad.  I didn't have time to get a good one before these were all gone.
Bacon flight! Sorry the picture is so bad. I didn’t have time to get a good one before these were all gone.

After loading up on flights we said goodbye to Andrea and made our way back to the Downtown East Station to head farther east. We got off at the Prospect Station and walked a couple blocks to Surly’s massive complex.


This was Colleen’s first time at Surly and it was mine and Shellie’s first time eating there. We put our names in for a table outside and went and ordered some beers. I got Surly’s new Scottish Ale and Shellie got the Mole Smoke. After a few sips we switched. The Scottish ale just wasn’t enough for me and the Mole was too much for Shellie. This is why we’re perfect for each other.

The Mole Smoke is a really interesting beer. It’s based on their Smoke lager, but there is the addition of chilies. Which gives it even more flavor, but also a spicy bite that I like. I was bummed when we got there and Fiery Hell wasn’t on the tap list, but Mole Smoke more than made up for it.

Our buzzer went off signalling that our table was ready for us. After looking over the menu Shellie and I went with the hog frites, Naseem’s hot chaat and pulled pork with Brussels sprouts. aka way too much food.

The hog frites were way good. The fries were good, the meat was smokey and juicy and the giardinera was a good addition. Naseem’s was OK. For $5 it was a good size. The pulled pork and Brussels sprouts were great. I would totally get that again.

While eating I ordered another beer. This time a Blakkr. And it’s at this point in our journey that things get a little more liquid. Like not so cut and dried. Like an ocean. Memories are kind of fluid and come in and out of focus.

So, with that in mind we continue our trip!

Our next stop on the Green Line is the Raymond St Station. From there you have to walk quite a way north to get to Urban Growler, the next stop.

Urban Growler's brewing setup.
Urban Growler’s brewing setup.

Urban Growler is the only female owned and operated brewery in the Twin Cities, with that bit of trivia out of the way let’s talk about beer. Urban Growler had 10 beers on tap and their flight came with 6 of them. I really liked the De-Lovely porter and the Lemongrass Wheat. Yum.

Luckily the next brewery is close by. Like really close. Bang Brewing is in a silo in the parking lot of Urban Growler. Talk about a cool setting. Bang was so rad.
I only tried 2 beers at Bang, but I really dug the Nice Coffee. Bang is just the coolest place, I wish it was closer to us so we could go any time.

Our next stop was just a couple stations east on the Green Line. Stop number 6 was Burning Brothers Brewing. We got a flight and sat and enjoyed them. Burning Bros doesn’t have a patio, so we had to sit inside. Shellie and Colleen agreed the Orange Blossom Honey Pyro is a great beer for the summer.

Burning Brothers gear
Burning Brothers gear

Our beers were gone before we knew it, so we walked back to the light rail. We had just one brewery left to hit.

Tin Whiskers was the end of the line. I’m not sure I could’ve done too many more breweries. We got our beers and sat at a communal table. I don’t remember what the beer was called, but it was chocolate and orange flavored. It was really decadent and heavy, but oh so tasty.

The picture is a little blurry.  Just like my memory.
The picture is a little blurry. Just like my memory.

We hopped back on the light rail, headed west this time. This was one hell of a night. And maybe, just maybe, a bit over the top.