Pho 79 Minneapolis

Pho 79 is an unassuming little place. So unassuming, in fact, the L-shaped dining room is split into 2 different restaurants. Pho 79 is on the short side of the L, with Caravelle on the longer side. The walls are plain wood and mirrors, with very little in the way of decorations.

Pho 79
Pho 79

And all that wood and no sound deadening decor leaves you with a room that can, and does get, very loud. The space is pretty small and the ceiling is very low, resulting in something like an echo chamber. Whatever that is.

Pho 79 is in no way fancy. The place was full of 20-40 year olds all filling up on cheap food. Our server sat us, took our orders and served us food all in about 10 minutes. We didn’t order anything made to order, so that may change wait times. Shellie and I both ordered pho with beef.

mmm that's good pho
mmm that’s good pho

The pho at Pho 79 is really good. The broth is about the best I’ve had. This broth is much more flavorful than most other’s. It’s rich and meaty and so so tasty. The rest of the pho was like all the others. Rice noodles, scallion, thin sliced beef and the plate on the side with bean sprouts, jalapeno pepper slices and basil.

I want to try more dishes at Pho 79, but I bet when I get back I just order the pho again. Hell, the price was right at $7.95 and it was quick. Why would anyone go to some crappy fast food place when this is around?

Pho 79
2529 Nicollet Ave S
Minneapolis, MN