My Huong Kitchen Minneapolis

Now we’re getting somewhere with these Eat Street restaurants. I came up with the idea that Shellie and I should try them all out months ago. And now we’re really doing it.
Last weekend we went to My Huong Kitchen for the first time. My Huong Kitchen is a Vietnamese place. It’s a very casual place and the prices are cheap. Like cheap cheap. The menu has some really interesting things on it and it was hard to pick what to get.

I ordered the broken rice dish #9 Com Tam Bi, Nuong – Shredded pork & lemongrass pork chop. But after placing my order a small woman came out from the kitchen. She said I should get the #7 because it is more better. I said “let’s go for it”. Mainly because from the menu I couldn’t tell the difference.

#9 Com Tam Bi, Nuong – Shredded pork & lemongrass pork chop
#7 Com Tam Bi, Suon, Cha – Lemongrass pork chop & shredded pork

To me those are the same 2 ingredients. It’s just that the order is flip flopped. Later she told me the #7 comes with a little noodle cake that the #9 doesn’t have.

See the yellow thing on the left?  That's the noodley thing.
See the yellow thing on the left? That’s the noodley thing.

I’m glad I got this one. That noodley bake thing was so good. I asked what is in it and was told noodle, shredded pork, onion and egg. Shellie and I agree that was the best thing on either of our plates.

Don’t get me wrong, all of my food was super tasty. The pork chop was really lemongrass-y. I loved the flavor of the pork chop. I poured the sauce over the rice and pork then took forkfuls of every component on the plate (except the noodle bake thing). I loved it. I loved it all.

Com Tam Ga Nuong - Lemongrass chicken
Com Tam Ga Nuong – Lemongrass chicken

Shellie went with the chicken broken rice. Com Tam Ga Nuong. I tried her’s and the chicken was really good. But if I’m given the choice between pork and chicken, I’m going pork 99 out of 100 times.

We contemplated getting dessert or one of their many bubble teas or smoothies. In the end we decided against it. Not that it matters, since we will be back to My Huong Kitchen. You should go too. The place is casual and small (7 tables) and cheap. But most importantly their food is really good.

My Huong Kitchen
2718 Nicollet Ave Suite 101B
Minneapolis, MN 55408

The entrance is on the side of the building by the parking lot.