LynLake Brewery

LynLake Brewery is one of the latest taprooms to open in Minneapolis. The brewery and taproom are in the historic Lyndale Theater on Lyndale Ave in the LynLake neighborhood. The space is pretty sweet and was full of people when we stopped in a couple weeks ago.

LynLake Brewery.  It's the one in the middle.
LynLake Brewery. It’s the one in the middle.

Shellie and I got 7 samplers, so we could try all the beer they had on tap at the time. We wound up getting Raka-Waka, Smokey Treat, Yea-Yea, Sideburns Milk Stout, Tradesman Porter, Take 7 IPA, and PonyBoy Gold.

Shellie mainly likes darker beer. She very rarely likes anything hop forward or bitter. I, on the other hand, like almost all styles of beer. I still haven’t wrapped my head around sours, but not to worry there weren’t any here. So, that being said, Shellie didn’t care for most of these. She thought 2.5 of the seven were okay. I thought most of them were pretty delish.

Now, we have been on a diet and not drinking much beer. That seems like it could go either way. Like any beer is better than no beer. Or if you don’t really drink beer maybe you kinda lose the objectivity of it all? I don’t know. I thought the beers here were pretty good.

Get Rad!
Get Rad!

The room was pretty cool. I had never been in the LyLake theater, so I didn’t really understand the layout it once had. Now it’s basically a big room with seating up front, then a big rectangular bar. Next up is a large space for the brewing equipment. After that are rest rooms and I’m sure offices or storage. There is also a rooftop that is supposed to be rad, but it wasn’t open when we were there. Stupid winter.

I like the industrial chic feel of the space. The lighting is especially cool. Some of them are pipes and pipe fittings and some are bike wheels.


The Twin Cities taproom scene is really blowing up. I’m not sure how many more we can support. But for now we seem to have a good amount. If you are in Minneapolis, and you like beer, LynLake should be on your list of places to check out.