LTD Brewing Minnesota

I don’t even know where to start on this one. Because, according to Google maps, LTD is 3.4 miles from my house. But it took me 7 months to get there. That, by any standard is incredibly slow. But I did make it. And I’m glad I did since LTD Brewing has some seriously great beer.

I went into LTD Brewing alone one night when Shellie was out of town. The place was pretty empty at 7 pm. I like the space. The brewing equipment is to the left as you enter and the bar is straight ahead. There are tables and chairs through out and 2 areas with lounge chairs and couches. They also seem to have a TV with Nintendo 64, but it wasn’t on when I was there.

The bartender took her time going over the beer list with me. She went through the beers and explained each one. She had no idea she was dealing with a professional. And by professional I mean I’ve had a lot of beers and beer styles. Not the actual definition of professional in that I make money off of this. Anyway…I decided to go with a flight of 5 beers. LTD Brewing had recently realized their goal of having 10 different beers on tap at any given time, so I got to try half of them in my flight.

LTD Brewing flight just out of focus
LTD Brewing flight just out of focus

I picked their Irish Red Ale, Peppercorn Rye, Nightmare dry Irish stout, G’Day Mate Australian IPA, and Circadian Disruption American IPA. I’m not going to do some big beer reviews on each of these. Maybe just a couple words each.

Irish Red Ale – I liked it. I don’t know, Irish Red isn’t really a style I gravitate towards, but this was good.
Peppercorn Rye – I was warned to not be afraid of this one by the bartender, and I wasn’t. I welcomed it. I wanted the odd peppery flavor and this delivered. I loved the peppercorn rye.
Nightmare – dry Irish stouts don’t do much for me. I actually don’t know why I chose this one. I’m not saying it was bad, I just don’t care about dry Irish stouts.
G’day Mate – this was tasty. I hate to say this next sentence, because it could be taken wrong, but I mean it in a good way. This had what I would describe as a cat pee flavor. Not ammonia, but a funky taste. Not sour, funky. But funky in a good way. It must be the Australian hops that did this and I’m digging it. Wacky.
Circadian Disruption – this was a much more astringent IPA than the Australian. I don’t think it was more bitter, but it was a different flavor and mouth feel.

After the flight I chose another beer to have a full pour of. And for some reason I chose the Berry Day Dream. Which is their cream ale with berries. This is not a style I would normally go for, but it was their lightest in the ABVs that night so I went for it. It was a good beer, but entirely too sweet for me.

LTD (which by the way stands for Live the Dream) is really worth traveling to. Especially if that travel is just 3.4 miles from your house. But even if it’s more than that, I can’t think of a reason to not head to this taproom. Everyone I met that night was incredibly friendly and helpful. I will for sure be back to LTD. And next time I’m bringing Shellie, since I think she’s getting sick of hearing about it.