Liftbridge Brewing Stillwater MN

Even though the Liftbridge taproom has been open for awhile, this was my first time there. That’s because Liftbridge is in Stillwater, MN. Well away from the west side of Minneapolis I now call home.

Brewing equipment
Brewing equipment

Actually, I had for some reason assumed the taproom would be downtown Stillwater. But it’s actually up the hill just off highway 36 behind the Herberger’s. The area is rather industrial, but wait until you walk through those doors.

Going in you are transported to the north woods. The Liftbridge taproom has a full-on cabin feel. Like logs and knotty pine everywhere. The space is pretty nice but it is smaller than I assumed it would be. I have no idea why I had assumptions about their taproom, I just did. And they were wrong.

I ordered up a Getaway Pilsner and sat at one of the pine communal tables. The place was fairly empty at 3pm on a Friday.

Liftbridge doesn’t serve food, but like most of the other taprooms they do encourage people to call for carry out or bring your own food. I don’t know if they have food trucks like other taprooms do since they are a little out of the way in Stillwater.

After a bit I went for the Biscotti. That’s their Belgian Dark Ale. It’s good, but doesn’t really taste like cookies.

Liftbridge is worth the stop if you are heading into downtown Stillwater to browse the shops. Actually, I think that’s a great idea. Shellie and I will be stopping here on our way to downtown Stillwater. But not until it’s a bit nicer out, I don’t want to browse shops when it’s cold and snowy.