Libertine Minneapolis

The last time our friends Dewey and Lori were here from Illinois we went to Libertine. Libertine is a pretty new restaurant here in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis. Libertine is owned and operated by legendary chef Tim McKee. The restaurant is in the Calhoun Square shopping mall in uptown.

We had a reservation on a Friday evening and we were promptly seated when we arrived on time. As we perused the menu Dewey and I started with our first beers, cans of Stag.

For starters we ordered the New Orleans style BBQ shrimp, shrimp cocktail, and bone marrow toast. The BBQ shrimp were really good. They may not have lived up to the shrimp we had at Mr B’s in New Orleans, but they were undoubtedly tasty. The shrimp cocktail was also really good. And that’s coming from someone who will tell you, time and time again, that I do not like seafood.

But I think what I mean is I do not like the crappy Minnesota seafood that was around me growing up. I may in fact love seafood, just not the shitty kind.

So, the BBQ shrimp were tasty. The shrimp cocktail was really nice. What about the marrow toast? The marrow toast. The marrow toast…was so good. It was delicious, fatty, creamy marrow spread on toast. It was so good. We couldn’t scrape enough from that bone.

For mains Shellie and I ordered the bacon chop with a side of broccoli. The bacon chop was, I’m convinced, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. That slab of meat-fat-bone was so moist and delicious that I began to question the validity of any other cut of meat. Even actual bacon seemed superfluous somehow. That chop isn’t even fair. Because now I judge all pork chops against the Bacon Chop at Libertine and guess what? They don’t stack up. I mean, how could they? It isn’t even fair and I feel bad for those poor 1/4 inch thick pork chops. I feel bad for any meat that isn’t entirely life changing.

The broccoli was also not bad.

Along with the tasty Stag beer we also had Lone Star, Schlitz, Old Style and Grain Belt Premium. Which means, basically, some of the worst beer with some of the best food.

Dewey and Shellie split some kind of dessert (I wasn’t paying attention since I don’t really care about dessert. Especially when there is beer around) but I guess they liked it. Also, I would like to mention, if you have the marrow toast appetizer they will come around at some point and offer you a shot of whiskey. And not just a shot in a shot glass. No! A shot down your scraped bone. I mean the marrow bone that you scraped on to your toast. You put the bone up to your mouth and they pour the whiskey down the bone. If you so choose.

All in all our time at Libertine was awesome. I mean Bacon Chop. The End.

Oh PS I’m sorry there are no pictures to go along with this post. We were too hungry/drunk to take any.