Kirkland French vs Kirkland American vs Grey Goose

There’s talk on the internet that Costco’s French vodka is actually Grey Goose. Or maybe it’s made by Grey Goose. Or it’s made in the same region as Grey Goose using the same techniques and ingredients.

Or maybe not.

Either way, I bought all 3 of these and I put them head to head. To head.

Not shown: the top of the ridiculously tall Kirkland French bottle.
Not shown: the top of the ridiculously tall Kirkland French bottle.

OK. Let’s start by talking about how stupidly tall the Kirkland French bottle is. It stands at the dizzying height of 17 and 3/8″ tall. Who amongst us has that much room in their freezer? No one, that’s who.

Anyway, let’s get down to brass tacks. Whatever that means.

First up, I try the Kirkland vodka from France.

It pours an entirely clear color. There’s no head whatsoever. Oh, this isn’t a beer review?

OK, there is virtually no smell coming off this. Maybe a little alcohol, but that’s it. The taste is hot burning booze. There is a slight chemical flavor in there too. Really not too bad.

Overall (and I’m no vodka aficionado) I would say this lives up to the idea of what vodka is supposed to be, a 40% alcohol neutral spirit.

Next up Kirkland American vodka.

It seems to me that the only vodkas boasting of how many times they’ve been distilled are the crappy ones on the bottom rack at the liquor store. This baby is distilled 6 times! Woohoo! We don’t know what that means.

I mean, is that like 5 times more than the average vodka? Or is a good vodka distilled 20 times? Or twice because they use better ingredients? Or they do it slower. Or faster. Or what? We don’t know.

This vodka has no smell and more importantly, no taste. Like none. Except burning booze. It tastes like that. But other than alcohol? Nothing.

Now then. That brings us to Grey Goose. The vodka that people seem to think is the best. Is it?


Grey Goose was the worst (of these 3). This has the same alcohol burn, but it also has a very strong chemical flavor. I likened it to the smell of burning plastic. It’s that good. And this is coming from a (former) Grey Goose drinker.

I never put vodkas head to head before. But I’m telling you Grey Goose really isn’t very good. I’m not saying the Costco kind is the best out there, but compared to this premium brand it is. Plus it’s half the price.

My local Costco has Grey Goose in a 1.75 liter bottle for about $41. The 2 Kirkland Signature bottles ran $19.99 each. That’s here in Minnesota. Prices elsewhere may be different.

Like I said though, I’m no vodka aficionado. Take this for what it’s worth. Grey Goose is not all that good. And I’m not buying it again.