Jerusalem’s Restaurant Minneapolis

Yes! Another Eat Street restaurant down. We stopped into Jerusalem’s on a cold and snowy Saturday night. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures since it was pretty dark inside. The place is all decked out with hanging textiles from the ceiling.

We were seated and soon given a small plate of pita chips. They had a bunch of dried spices on them and they were delicious.

Shellie and I looked over the menu and decided on the Sheik’s Delight Dinner. I ordered pop and Shellie got Turkish coffee.

Our food came out pretty quickly. On the platter was hummus, baba ganouj, kibby, tabouli, Jerusalem salad, shawirma and cauliflower. It also came with a basket of pita bread.

The food was fantastic. The hummus and baba ganouj had a very similar flavor, but they were both really good. I thought they had a sort of smokey flavor. I liked the tabouli, Shellie did not. But then again Shellie doesn’t like any tabouli. The Jerusalem salad was light and fresh with lettuce, tomato and cucumber in a creamy sauce.

I’ve never had kibby before. According to the menu kibby is a baked mixture of bulgur, sauteed beef, onion, and pine nuts. I thought it was kind of odd. The texture was soft and airy. But the flavor was sort of Christmas-y. It had a sort of cinnamon flavor to it. It wasn’t bad. It was just not what I expected. But I will next time.

The stars of the platter were the shawirma and, oddly enough, the cauliflower. The cauliflower was so good. I guess it was deep fried, but it didn’t seem like it was. I wasn’t oily or heavy. It seemed more roasted than fried. Either way, it was good. The shawirma was flavorful and moist. I loved it with the hummus.

Half way through our meal the music came up and a belly dancer took the stage. We weren’t expecting that, so it was a neat addition to the night.

After dinner we did something we rarely do. We ordered dessert. As we were looking over the dessert menu our server came over and told us the krima just came out of the oven so it was particularly good. So we had to order that. And it was. It was so good. Krima is fillo dough filled with semolina custard. I didn’t even know about semolina custard, but it was good. I’m glad we split one though, I don’t think I could eat a whole order myself since it is so rich.

We really liked Jerusalem’s. Mediterranean food is right up our alley. This is an incredible style of cooking that neither of us have any idea how to recreate at home. So we’ll keep searching for the best in the Twin Cities. For now Jerusalem’s ranks up there. If you’re on Eat Street, or anywhere in Minneapolis, I say stop in and give them a shot.

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Jerusalem’s Restaurant
1518 Nicollet Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55403