Glam Doll Donuts Minneapolis

Aww yeah!  What’s better than a donut?  Not much.  Not much at all.  I will say though, I am more a fan of the deep-fried-tasty-raised variety than I am of the cake kind.  I have a feeling that I’m not that into them because I’ve never really had a good one.  But I have had good raised donuts.  Oh so many tasty, tasty donuts.  So we had to try Glam Doll Donuts.

It's the pink one in the middle.
It’s the pink one in the middle.

So, you may recall from my post about The Bad Waitress that Shellie and I are on a stupid diet. And if you recall that, you may be asking yourself why, oh why are we at a donut shop? And the answer is donuts. Well, donut. We are so lame.

Look what we have to choose from.
Look what we have to choose from.

We are such idiots that we walked into a donut shop knowing we’re on a diet and knowing that we are actually going to stick to it. I mean as much as you can in a donut shop. We decided to order just one. One! Not one each. One! We are the lamest people in all of Lameville. Population 2.

So, we checked out the menu online so we had an idea of what we were going to order. We wanted something different, but not laden with cream or weighed down with bacon. Something we thought would be a good indication of what Glam Doll was all about. We settled on the Misfit. This is a raised donut with orange, ginger and cinnamon glaze. Sounds perfect.

Enter the Misfit
Enter the Misfit

I cut the donut in half and let Shellie pick which side she wanted (she chose the slightly smaller one. This is why I love her). Then we took our first bite. It was…a good glazed donut. But where was the orange? Or ginger? Or cinnamon? I said I thought maybe I tasted some cinnamon. Maybe. But after 2 bites my half was gone, so I couldn’t even try to figure out what was going on. But Shellie wasn’t buying that we got the right donut.

She took her 1/4 of a donut back up to the case to look. Another couple perusing the goods mentioned they were getting the Misfit and Shellie warned them against it. The girl behind the counter kinda heard what was going on and asked Shellie if she needed help. Shellie told her she didn’t think we got the one we ordered. But the girl dug into the bit of donut we had left and declared it the Misfit. Then she gave us another one. For free.

And it still tasted like a plain glazed donut. With maybe a little bit of cinnamon. Maybe.

Here is another example of why you don’t do restaurant reviews while starving yourself so you can fit into a swimsuit in a couple months. There were so many donuts I wanted to try. So many. And so, just like The Bad Waitress, we will be coming back to Glam Doll Donuts. You know, for journalism.