It’s finally Friday!

It seems like it took all week.  (oof that’s a sad, sad excuse for a joke)

Anyway, this was a good week here in Minneapolis.  It’s been pretty cold out, but the last few days have warmed up.  It’s sad when 25 degrees feels warm.  But it’s been a good week to have a Minnesota blog.

This past week we went to the Minnesota History Center.  Which is rad!

And the St Paul European Christmas Market.  Which is meh!

We also tried out miracle fruit tablets.  If you don’t know anything about them, you need to check them out.  Basically they make not sweet food…sweet.

Our miracle fruit smorgasbord
Our miracle fruit smorgasbord

We tried them with all manner of not sweet things. Like a not ripe enough banana (tasted like banana), jalapeno pepper (turned that into a mild pepper flavor. I didn’t get any heat at all, but Shellie said it was still spicy),  onions (taste, well, oniony.  But without the bite.), lemon was really tasty.  But the best of all was lime.  I could eat miracle fruit limes all day.  Here is the Amazon link for them mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets, 10-Count.  Mace, Shellie and I had fun with them.  They come in a 10 pack, so we have 7 left to try again later.

For more bloggering goodness we bought an ASUS Chromebook.  I’ve been using it all week and I love it!  It really does kick ass.  It obviously wont play the hottest games out there.  Or do any Microsoft Office stuff.  But we have a PC for gaming and Google docs for doc-ing.

I just need to buy a mouse and I’m set.

Last week Shellie and I launched our very own travel blog,  MN Traveler is going to go full on Minnesota.  I’m going to take down the couple of non-Minnesota posts I have up.  MN Traveler will be by me about strictly Minnesota.  All other travel related stuff will be blogged about at Jellie Was Here and will be written by me and Shellie.

We have a few posts up already with more to come.  We have a backlog of stories to tell.  And more trips already planned.

Alright, with that I’m going to bid you a good weekend.

*Full disclosure…I have an Amazon affiliate account.  I’m not trying to sell you any junk, but if you’re in the market for the stuff I talked about, click the link and I get a small cut.  But for real you should try the miracle fruit tablets.