Cannon Falls

Cannon Falls is a little town 40 miles southeast of the Twin Cities here in Minnesota. Cannon Falls is most well known as being the home to Pachyderm Studios, the recording studio that Nirvana recorded In Utero at. And also for the drainage ditch where kids go to skateboard. At least that’s what it’s known for where I come from.

We went down to Cannon Falls to see Shellie’s parents before they head down to Arizona for the winter. And also for lunch, more food and, as it turns out, bingo.

Weekend At the Cabin

This September we packed up the kids and the dogs and headed north to a little cabin. On the lake. On its own private island. Sweet!

The cabin (Sams Island Cabin) is on Fish Trap Lake which is about 2 hours from Minneapolis, just south of Motley on Highway 10. We checked in at Campfire Bay Resort around 1pm and unloaded the car. Then we loaded up a pontoon with our weekend’s worth of provisions and were shuttled across to the island. The resort doesn’t allow dogs, but you can have them on the island. Off leash and wild like. On the island is the 2 bedroom cabin, a firepit, a hammock, an old boat house, a dock, a canoe and a small beach area.

The cabin is really nice. I’m not sure why, but I expected it to be dumpy. Dumpy it is not. The decor is “up north” but it is done well. There are 2 big bedrooms with 3 beds. The bathroom is really big and nice. The kitchen is equipped with everything you might need. The living room has a huge fireplace and flat screen TV. Plus these giant windows I would stare out of each morning watching the loons do their loon business, as loons are wont to do.