St Paul European Christmas Market

This is the first year for the St Paul European Christmas Market.  The market is a short block between St Peter and Wabasha on West 7th Place in downtown St Paul.  We stopped in last Saturday night to check it out.

St Paul European Christmas Market
St Paul European Christmas Market

6 Tips for Driving In Minnesota

Driving in Minnesota is a lot like driving anywhere in the US, but there are some differences. Some weather related and some more cultural. While there are plenty of resources on the web to teach you the rules and regulations of operating a motor vehicle (warning that’s a pdf) I’m going to talk about other things you should be aware of if you plan to drive here.  So without further ado, here are my 6 tips for driving in Minnesota.


There we were lost. Lost beyond all hope. We would take a right turn only to find it was a dead end. So we would turn around, but we couldn’t find our way back. Occasionally we would walk down a seemingly never ending hallway only to run into another wall. We walked toward a distant family of four, but it turns out that beautiful, loving family was us! We were way past the point of desperation. And hunger, it had been minutes since lunch. Other families ran past us, some screaming.

What is this madness? Troy shouted.

It’s Friday

So, another week has come and gone and now it’s officially Friday. Finally. I think I’m going to use Friday as a sort of roundup day to talk about things that happened in the past week that wouldn’t really merit their own blog post. Also to mention stuff that will be going up on the other non-Minnesota blog.

So let’s get this ball rolling.

I’m still alive

So, I completely gutted my blog and started over, except I never really got started again. This initially began as a travel blog. There was going to be talk of places, people, food and beer. But it spiraled out of control into a full fledged beer blog, until it turned into an emo/beer blog, and that’s when things needed to changed. And boy did they. I deleted all my beer reviews, and even all the travel stuff I had, and for sure all the emo crap. All of it, really. Gone.

So, my last post was in January. And now it’s November. So much has changed…not really, nothing has changed (not that you would know, since I got rid of all that old shit). But..
What’s going to change. MNTraveler is going to be about Minnesota travel. Minnesota food. Minnesota beer. Minnesota! No one cares. Do they? Does anybody come here? I think that’s another post. Anyway, MNTraveler is going to be all about Minnesota. For better or for worse. Minnesota in all its awesome summer glory and all its dreary horrid winter. Minnesota in its burgeoning micro beer taproom awesomeness and all its tasty new restaurants. So, stick around. Things are about to get all Minnesota-y.

PS All the other not so Minnesota stuff is going to go to another site with my fantastical girlfriend. More on that later.


Damn It’s Cold

This has been one of the coldest/snowiest winters here in Minnesota that I can remember. Yesterday it got up into the 20s and it felt nice. It sucks when 20 degrees is warm. Anyway, our next trip is pretty much booked. In less than two months we’ll be hanging in some Southern U.S. cities and having fun. I can’t wait! But for now it’s back to working on the look of and turning the heat up.

See ya soon.