Cannon Falls

Cannon Falls is a little town 40 miles southeast of the Twin Cities here in Minnesota. Cannon Falls is most well known as being the home to Pachyderm Studios, the recording studio that Nirvana recorded In Utero at. And also for the drainage ditch where kids go to skateboard. At least that’s what it’s known for where I come from.

We went down to Cannon Falls to see Shellie’s parents before they head down to Arizona for the winter. And also for lunch, more food and, as it turns out, bingo.

First we left Cannon Falls to go to King’s Place. King’s Place is in Miesville, MN home of the minor league baseball team the Mudhens. And that’s about it. Oh, and Wiederholt’s Supper Club which we did not go to. Anyway, King’s Place is a sort of dive-y, small town bar. But they sell some crazy hamburgers. There are about 50 different burgers on their menu, and they have some odd toppings. I don’t recall what the name of the one I ordered was, but it was a burger with a fried egg and a hotdog on it. Plus cheese and some other stuff. It was tasty. Shellie got the one with BBQ sauce and grape jelly. We also ordered waffle fries and onion rings. Add a beer or 2 and your meal gets pretty filling, and like 10 dollars.

After lunch we went back to Cannon Falls and had a look in the winery, called Cannon River Winery. We didn’t have anything, but they have a nice space. You can buy bottles or sit in the bar area and sip a glass. Across the street from the winery is a bar and restaurant called Mill Street Tavern. We’ve eaten (and had beers) there before and it’s a pretty nice place.

Next we stopped in at Brewster’s Bar and Grill. This too is a small town kind of bar. I ordered some chicken wings and a Summit and sat back. The place was pretty dead even though there was a football game on. At Brewster’s we ran into our friend from Cannon Falls. She was leaving Brewster’s to go play bingo at the VFW, so we decided to join her.

Other than the bingo you play in the car on road trips, I’ve never played the game before. Bingo, it turns out, is a thinking man’s game. Filled with strategy and maneuvering and, no wait, that’s chess. Bingo is a game filled with paying attention to a guy calling out letters and numbers. There are a lot of different ways to win, which I wasn’t aware of going in to this. Some games you have to get something other than the regular line or four corners or whatever. Plus! Plus beer during bingo is only $2. And they had Surly Furious on tap. There were a bunch of funny people playing bingo and we had a lot of fun at playing. Also Shellie won the big pot of the day, so we came out ahead even after all the $2 beers.

Pam Dauber
Pam Dauber