Beer Beer and More Beer

Day 1

Our friends Dewey and Lori came to town and brought their friend Thomas. So you know what that means. Beer, and lots of it. Let me tell you about our weekend.

It all started on a hot and humid Saturday afternoon. Dewey called and said they were in town. I suggested that we meet at LTD Brewing’s taproom in Hopkins. The place was already getting busy for the night, but we were able to get a table for us all.

Shellie and I have been to LTD several times before, but I was still able to get in 4 new beers. LTD is always changing up their line up. I like most of their beers, but some of them are misses for me.

After LTD we went and ate Thai food. It was delicious. But…there was more drinking to do.

We went to the hotel where everyone was staying (except Shellie and I) and dropped off cars so we could take an uber to the places with the beer.

We had the driver drop us off at Bauhaus Brew Labs in Northeast Minneapolis. Bauhaus is kinda the opposite of LTD. Where LTD is constantly making new beers, Bauhaus sticks with their main 3 or 4 beers. That’s why I was only able to get 1 beer I hadn’t had before. I love the style of the place though. Everything is really cool.

After Bauhaus we walked the couple blocks to 612 Brew. 612 has a really cool patio, one of the cooler outdoor spaces of the taprooms in town, and we sat inside. No one had any interest in sitting outside on this beautiful Minnesota night. Lame.

612 had some pretty decent beers. Everyone liked them okay. But we had to press on.

We walked, what Google maps said would be .8 miles to Indeed Brewing. It didn’t really feel like .8 miles though, which is nice. Indeed has a really cool room and nice patio, except this night. We went out to the patio and after a couple minutes we were all covered in mosquitoes. F.

Back inside, we were able to score a table after a while. We tried some pretty interesting stuff at Indeed. I have to say, I’m still coming around to the sour ales. I know they are all the rage right now (and sure to get bigger. Like, move over IPA!) but I’m just not there yet. But we had a couple decent ones at Indeed, 2 in their Wooden Soul series were on tap, and really not too shabby. The Mojito Shenanigans though? Not for me.

Next up was another (according to Google maps) .8 mile walk to Dangerous Man Brewing. However this .8 mile was much longer than the last .8 miles we had walked. Much longer. But I think this was actually .8 miles and the other one was more like .25 miles.

Dangerous Man. If you are into craft beer and you’ve been to Minnesota and you haven’t been to Dangerous Man, then I’m sure you’re kicking yourself and I don’t need to add to that. Dangerous Man is one of the highest rated breweries in town. And with good reason. That being said, this was Shellie’s first time there.

Dangerous Man is cool. They have a pretty small space to work with, and no outdoor area. But they cram a lot into such a small room. After getting our beers we piled onto the long community table in the middle of the room. I checked in 4 beers at Dangerous Man, and they were all really tasty. Especially the Peanut Butter Porter. Wow! What a crazy good beer.

After our 5th taproom of the night we said our goodbyes. Shellie and I went off to bed and the rest of them went back to the hotel. As we found out the next day, they stayed up another 3 hours drinking more beer. Yikes!

Day 2

Sunday started a bit slower and a little later than I had anticipated it would. Shellie and I got up and got ready for the day. When it was clear everyone else was feeling worse than us we decided to go get some food. So we picked up Lori at the hotel and had us some brunch.

After everyone was up and ready to face the cruel light of day we did what they came to do. Drink beer.

Our first stop of the day was at Fulton. I’ve had pretty much everything Fulton has to offer, but I was still able to try 2 new beers while at the brewery. I had a Randonneur and a Batch 300. Both were really tasty and a good way to start off this, sure to be, long day.

After everyone did all their Untappd checking in, we walked up the hill to the lightrail. We took the train straight to promised land that is the Surly beer hall.

At Surly we ate, drank, and were happy. If you haven’t been there yet you should try it out. The food is really good. This time out Shellie and I tried the brisket. And the marrow. It was rich and fatty and rich. Woah. I really enjoy the vast majority of the beers Surly puts out. That may sound fanboyish, but I’m not. I like tasty beer. And Surly does a good job at making tasty tasty beers.

After Surly, since a dozen or so beers isn’t enough, we made our way to Town Hall Brewery. Here’s the crazy thing. Remember how I just said I like tasty beer? Well, the truth is I really haven’t found anything I’m into at Town Hall. I know they’ve won a ton of awards for their beer, but I just…I just…I don’t know. I’m just not into it, I guess. I kind of feel dumb saying that. Like I’m just not smart enough to get what they’re doing or something. I don’t know. I’ve had a solid 20 or so Town Hall beers, and some have been good, but I just am not feeling them.


So here is where we should really go home. But instead of that we go across the street to Republic. And have more beer. More and more. When is enough enough? After enough turns into too much? I don’t know, that stuff is way beyond me at this point. Way beyond any of us. We’re each ordering whatever we think sounds good. Then when the beers show up we forgot what we ordered. Oh well. It doesn’t really matter. Every beer gets passed around so everyone who wants to try it can.

At some point we decide to head back home. And that’s how the story ends. Dewey, Lori and Thomas hit the road the next morning while Shellie and I get a few extra, very much needed, minutes of sleep.