Bars At the Mall Of America

Listen, Christmas shopping is tough. I know. Believe me, I know. Other things that are tough include: regular shopping, walking, dealing with crowds, going into Build A Bear Workshop (hell, just walking past Build A Bear sends me straight to the bar), and not getting a drink for awhile.

So, since you’re stuck at the mall you may as well sneak away for a pint or two. And as luck would have it I’ve been to The Mall of America once or twice. I may or may not have had a beer.

Let’s do this floor by floor and side by side. Quick aside…the mall has 3 regular levels and one entertainment level. The fourth floor is mainly on the east side, with the movie theater on the south.


Nothing here.

At S102 you have the Rainforest Cafe
Rainforest Cafe has a fullish bar and, get this, 3 taps. They have Bud Light, Sam Adams and Grainbelt Nordeast. A weird trio to be sure.
I didn’t see anything posted about happy hour.

You get to sit on these at Rainforest Cafe.  Or should I say have to?
You get to sit on these at Rainforest Cafe. Or should I say have to?

At S115 we come to the Hard Rock Cafe
Hard Rock has a full bar and a number of taps. I’m not sure if they always have the same beer on tap, but they were printed in their fancy menus. We have…Stella, Sam Adams, Dos Equis, Bub, Bud Light and Surly Furious.
I didn’t see anything about happy hour and checking online gets me no where.

Hard Rock MOA
Hard Rock MOA

W114 gets you to Tucci Benucch
Tucci Benucch has a full on bar and um. Well I guess I didn’t take notes here. I can see from the picture that they have Surly Furious, something red, uh Fulton?, Bud or Bud Light and a mop handle.
Tucci Benucch does indeed have a happy hour…2-630 everyday and 8-close Monday-Saturday.

See the mop handle?  What is that?
See the mop handle? What is that?

Twin City Grill is at N130
Twin City Grill from my impeccable note taking does have a bar. On tap they have…Schell’s Light, Twin City Grill Amber, Summit Pilsner, Fulton Lonely Blonde, Surly Furious and something called Seasonal Draught. Sounds tasty.
Looks like happy hour is 3-6 Monday thru Friday.


Second floor is not unlike a desert.  This place is bone dry.  But there is one oasis on the second floor, FireLake Grill House and Cocktail Bar at the Radisson Blu.  Between J Jill and Brighton Collectibles (whatever the hell those stores are) there is a hall that leads to this beauty of a bar.

FireLake Grill House and Cocktail Bar S2000
This is a great looking bar. I love all the barnwood and the poured concrete bar. They also have the best taps at the mall. When I was there they had their own house beer, Fulton Sweet Child, Surly Furious, Schell’s Firebrick, Finnegan Irish Amber, Summit EPA, Lucid Air, Big Wood Jack Savage, Summit Oatmeal Stout, Surly Bender, Blue Moon and Stella.
They don’t have a happy hour, but get this their beer comes in 3 sizes. 12.5 ounces, 20 ounces or a 64 ounce growler. Sweet.
Oh crap, I almost forgot about Ruby Tuesday. I’m not saying that Ruby Tuesday is any less of a bar than any of these other places, I just forgot. Okay?

N234 Ruby Tuesday
My notes say “they have a bar”. Great. I did take a picture of their taps. On tap they have Sam Adams, Blue Moon, Summit, Sam Adams Winter, Miller Lite and Bug Light.
My notes don’t mention happy hour. Their website does, but refuses to tell me the hours.


What level 2 lacked in places to get a drink, level 3 more than makes up for it.




Buffalo Wild Wings S312
Buffalo Wild Wings has a crap ton of beer on tap. 30 taps to be exact. With that I’m only going to name a few of the ones that matter 612 Rated R…uh never mind here is a picture of the tap list.
Happy hour is 2-7 and 10 pm-12 Monday through Friday.

S319 has Kokomo’s Island Cafe
Kokomo’s tap list is pretty short. Corona, Summit, Fulton and Sharkbite. That’s it. They have all the fruity drinks you can handle too.
Happy hour is Sunday-Friday 3pm-6pm and 8 to close.

Famous Dave’s is right next door at S321
Sheesh. I kinda suck at this. My notes for Famous Dave’s say “Famous Dave’s has a bar. 8 taps. Nothing special.” Great. Sorry folks. There website doesn’t give any other info, either.

S344 Masu Sushi & Robata
Masu has a cool little bar. They even have pachinko machines. On tap they have Fulton, Mich, Summit Winter, and Lift Bridge Farm Girl. Plus bar drinks and sake.
Their happy hour is Monday-Friday 3-6pm

Pachinko at Masu
Pachinko at Masu

S346 Tony Roma’s
Tony Roma’s has Leinie’s Honey Weiss, Grainbelt Nordeast, Sierra Nevada, Schell’s Octoberfest, Shock Top, Rogue Dead Guy and Bud Light on tap.
Happy hour runs Monday-Friday 3-6pm

S352 Cadillac Ranch
Cadillac Ranch has Guinness, Summit, Blue Moon, Bud Light, Sam Adams Winter, Stella and 3 house beers made by Granite City a Boch, an IPA and a light lager.
Happy hour is Monday-Friday 3-7pm

S358 is Benihana
Benihana has 2 whole beers on tap! Kirin and New Castle. They also have sake and mixed drinks.
They do have a happy hour, but I can’t seem to find the hours.

Crave has Fulton, Mich Golden, Miller Lite, Stella, Summit and Surly Furious on tap.
Happy hour is 2-6 Monday-Thursday and 2-5 on Friday.

S396 Bubba Gump Shrimp Co
Bubba Gump has a full bar with Summit, Bud Light and Sam Adams Rebel on tap.
Happy hour is Monday-Friday 3-5pm and Sunday-Thursday 9-Close



Looks like you’re on the wrong side of the mall.


The fourth floor is the entertainment level of the Mall of America. It’s also kinda dull. And I can’t recall the last time I was up there.


Sky Deck Sports Grille and Lanes
This is a full on arcade and bowling alley in the mall. They have a big bar with Surly Furious, Lucid Air, Brau Brothers White Cap, Miller Lite, Angry Orchard Cider, Finnegans, Fulton and Big Wood Bark Bite.
Happy hour is Sunday-Thursday 3-6pm and 9-Close
E402 Dick’s Last Resort
This is the place where the servers are mean to you and you laugh. Until you just can’t take it anymore. Then you go in the bathroom and cry. On tap they have PBR, Bud Light, Coors Light, Mich Golden Light, Shock Top, Grainbelt Nordeast, Sam Adams Seasonal, Surly, Guinness and Stella.
I don’t know about happy hour.

E406 Cantina #1
Full bar with Miller Lite, Modelo, Modelo Negro and Mich Light.
Happy Hour is Monday-Friday 3-6pm and 9-Midnight

E408 The Lounge @ House of Comedy
They were closed when I was there, but I could see that they have a full bar.

E412 Hooters
On tap at Hooters are Goose Island, Shock Top, Coors Light, Miller Lite, Bud Light, Mich Golden Light, Summit, Sam Adams, Sam Adams Seasonal, Bud, Angry Orchard, and Guinness.
Happy Hour runs 9-Close Monday-Friday
So there you have it. I know this run down is more about beer than it is about mixed drinks or wine. That’s because this blog has always had a beer slant to it. And I hope it always will.

NOTE-This is going up in early December 2014. Chances are none of these places will have winter beers on tap if you happen to be reading this in the summer. Also happy hours and stuff could change.