Black Forest Inn Minneapolis

The Black Forest Inn sits at 26th and Nicollet Ave in Minneapolis. aka Eat Street. Click HERE for complete the list of Eat Street restaurants.

The Black Forest Inn, if you haven’t guessed from the name, is a German restaurant. If you guessed hotel I wouldn’t hold it against you. Anyway, yes it’s a restaurant and they serve German food. I’m not really sure if they serve authentic German food, since I’ve never been to real live Germany, but it seems pretty legit.

Black Forest Inn patio
Black Forest Inn patio

Beer Beer and More Beer

Day 1

Our friends Dewey and Lori came to town and brought their friend Thomas. So you know what that means. Beer, and lots of it. Let me tell you about our weekend.

It all started on a hot and humid Saturday afternoon. Dewey called and said they were in town. I suggested that we meet at LTD Brewing’s taproom in Hopkins. The place was already getting busy for the night, but we were able to get a table for us all.

Shellie and I have been to LTD several times before, but I was still able to get in 4 new beers. LTD is always changing up their line up. I like most of their beers, but some of them are misses for me.

After LTD we went and ate Thai food. It was delicious. But…there was more drinking to do.

We went to the hotel where everyone was staying (except Shellie and I) and dropped off cars so we could take an uber to the places with the beer.

Kirkland French vs Kirkland American vs Grey Goose

There’s talk on the internet that Costco’s French vodka is actually Grey Goose. Or maybe it’s made by Grey Goose. Or it’s made in the same region as Grey Goose using the same techniques and ingredients.

Or maybe not.

Either way, I bought all 3 of these and I put them head to head. To head.

Not shown: the top of the ridiculously tall Kirkland French bottle.
Not shown: the top of the ridiculously tall Kirkland French bottle.

Seven taprooms on the Green Line that you have to try

Last Saturday we did the unthinkable, the unimaginable, the just plain crazy. We took the bus.

But wait there’s more.

We took the bus from our place in the burbs to downtown Minneapolis and from there we hit each of the 7 brewery taprooms along the Green Line light rail.

And we lived to talk about it.

The bus part is neither here nor there and you shouldn’t worry about that. You just need to wrap your head around starting at Fulton Brewing on a beautiful spring day with the Twins playing at home. Fulton was pretty busy, but that didn’t stop us.


Rainbow Restaurant Eat Street Minneapolis

We went to Rainbow Restaurant the other night because Shellie wanted something plainish. Something soothing and familiar. Calming in a Chinese food way. Like chow mein from your local Chinese place. Or egg foo young. Something innocuous.

And on that criteria Rainbow did not deliver.

The space is really nice. I went in thinking Rainbow would be kind of dumpy. It is not. The room is spacious and sorta fancy (for Eat Street). The seats were also really rather plush. This is not what we expected.

We had a hard time deciding what to get. There was no egg foo young or chicken chow mein to be seen on this menu. Most of the dishes weren’t unheard of, but there just wasn’t the local Chinese joint favorites here.

We wound up ordering the bacon and egg fried rice and chicken lo mein. Shellie said we ordered the two lamest items on the menu. She also said she was looking forward to going back when she felt like spending more money.

When our food arrived I got a whiff of the lo mein and I knew right away something was up. Fish? Is this fishy? Yes, yes it was. The noodles were drenched in some sort of fish sauce. Oyster maybe? I don’t know. But for me they were inedible.

I’m not a fish guy. But I really didn’t expect that to be an issue when I ordered chicken lo mein. But it was.

The “bacon” and egg fried rice was not too shabby. There were a couple of sticking points though. It was rather flavorless. Even though it was a different take on fried rice, they still could’ve thrown in some onion. Also, the bacon wasn’t actual bacon. It was thin cut, fried pork. Not bad, but not bacon.

All in all Shellie thought it was a decent meal. For me. I’ll never go back. She says I’m being extreme, judging a place on one dish. But the dish was so far off of the norm, and in a bad way. I’m sure there are dishes at Rainbow I would enjoy, but I don’t have the time or money to spend trying every dish at every restaurant in town. When one is so far off I just need to move on.

I hate giving bad reviews to places, but I just can’t do anything else. Since I plan to go to every restaurant on Eat Street, I can’t skip this one. Sorry.


Hey there. Sorry for the complete lack of blog posts as of late. We were gearing up for a trip, and then we took said trip. We went to Costa Rica for a week. It was super rad.

But enough about that.

This blog is about Minnesota.

It’s Minnesota in late February and today was 18 degrees. Yuck. That’s better than the -11 the other morning (which is an over 100 degree change for me in just a couple days).

Anyway, I’m going to get back here and post some meaningful blogs posts soon. I swear. But for now, I don’t have much Minnesota stuff to talk about.

I haven’t eaten anywhere new lately. We haven’t been to a new town. We haven’t been to the Mall of America because Al-Shabaab said they were going to blow it up (not really, they are a bunch of punks). Come to think of it we should go to the Mall of America just because those idiots say we shouldn’t.

So, yeah. Cabin fever is setting in. Spring should be coming along anytime though, right? Right?

Ruby Tuesday review

Okay, I want to start this post off by saying this was never meant to be a review. Actually, I never meant to go to Ruby Tuesdays. We went because Shellie had a gift card that was given to her and we figured what the hell. I mean, free food, right? I know it’s a chain, but it isn’t like it’s fast food or something.

And so we went. We went to Ruby Tuesday in Plymouth, MN. I’ve been to this chain before, and I’ve never been impressed. Honestly, I don’t know what the draw is. Is it a slightly fancier Applebees? No, seriously. Can someone explain it? Anyway, we went there on account of the gift card.

I want to get something out of the way before this starts. This isn’t going to be one of those reviews you read where you know the guy was pissed about something going in and there was nothing the place could do to change that. We’ve all read that review where someone rambles on about every little thing that goes even slightly wrong. So this isn’t that. I don’t really care one way or the other about Ruby Tuesday. And that’s as far as my feelings go for them.